Windrose Capital

Historically, a windrose was used to guide brave-hearts to their destinations. Even though several technological advancements have conquered the landscape since then, the importance of sound business fundamentals should never be overlooked while venturing out on a high pace entrepreneurial journey.

We at Windrose Capital possess the same sense of familiarity with fundamentals and offer direction through the tough times just as a traditional wind-rose. We follow a Founder-Focused approach in all our functions and exist to enable a value-driven ecosystem. Living in the present age, where technology is fast-evolving, we follow a disciplined thesis-driven approach and closely focus on areas of our expertise to provide steady support through changing times. 

We back disproportionately mission-driven founders through early and mid-stage investments, after a thorough multi-layered analytical process. Our understanding and experience lead us to be particularly interested in 2 broad themes which are Financial Inclusion and B2B Tech. 

With an experienced and diverse team, Windrose Capital, imbued with the essence of the wind-rose enables the startups and their founders, to navigate through their start-up journey and create value in the ecosystem.


Why Windrose and Why Now?

We’ve lived through various tech innovations changing and revolutionizing our lives; but throughout such technological advancements, India was parked on the sidelines observing these changes or at best, follow & replicate. However, with the rise of the tech-enabled entrepreneurial revolution, we can see that India is finally shifting gears and increasingly establishing itself at the center of this change.

Enterprising disproportionately driven founders are now quitting their high-paying jobs to go after their dreams so we can’t deny that we’re living in times where entrepreneurship is the way forward. Better physical & data infrastructure across the country is helping various start-ups from smaller cities thrive in their fields and enable value addition in the ecosystem. 

It isn’t always that we equate progress with technological advancements, but recently we’ve been seeing otherwise. Windrose Capital, thus, is at the forefront of enabling this change, by backing many tech and tech-enabled startups led by incredible founders who’ve dreamed of creating this change and the right time to invest in these start-ups is now!