We are disciplined, thesis-driven investors with a deep-lens on sectors we understand and ideas that have a wide margin to succeed

About Us

Founded in 2013 by Digital Natives who have been Founders themselves, Windrose Capital exists to support India’s Fast-transforming Economy through early and mid-stage investments in promising Start-ups.

We are active investors, thoughtful advisors, and dedicated problem-solvers with a passion for technology and a deep belief in the transformative power of Digital-first Businesses.

For Our Investors

We exist to create capital value by harnessing disruptive, efficiency-driven opportunities in the Indian Startup space.

The world, and Asia in particular, is on the cusp of an Information revolution. India is witnessing a tremendous opportunity to creating new value, as we can bypass the industrial economy to leap-frog into the Information Age.

Windrose helps you ride this wave. We exist to enable potential Indian Unicorns to arrive onto the global stage. Most importantly, we see that India will be a very different place, a decade from now, and we offer you the opportunity to co-create the economy of the future with us.

For Our Founders

In our experience of creating Startups we see that Founders rarely get an empathetic voice across the table and hence have to go through hula-hoops to answer concerns that are non-core to eventual outcomes and do not focus on value-creation as much as value-capture.

Windrose Capital allows you to focus on what you do best - go ahead and create value. We make the process of initial conversations through terms and legalities extremely simple and transparent, saving time and opportunity costs for you. We then back you through your start-up journey with our experience of creating and growing products (and services), markets and growth.

Along the way we also enable your company with crucial but non-core processes that help you avoid future trouble early. With us, capital commitments are the start to an iterative process of helping you succeed.

Meet the Team

Rohit Goyal , Managing Partner

Rohit Goyal
Managing Partner

Rohit has had entrepreneurial experience in Manufacturing & Technology. He has partnered & set-up companies in & outside India, with people from China, Sri Lanka, UK & Germany.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Electronics & Tele-Com.) & Masters in Management (Finance & Entrepreneurship) from CASS Business School, City University, London. He is also certified as an Associate Financial Planner (Investment Planning, Tax Planning & Estate Planning, Risk Management & Insurance Planning) by FPSB.

Brajkishor Baheti, Partner

Brajkishor Baheti

Braj, a technocrat at his core, emboldens the technology expertise of Windrose Capital. He has experience in building and managing multiple technology ventures serving a diverse corporate client base of varying sizes. His is dexterous in understanding, building and implementing customer centric tailor made technology solutions that significantly enhance operational efficiencies and customer experience.

As a Chartered Accountant, Braj has worked as a consultant with E&Y managing risk advisory services for their clients. He had also built quantitative models for trading securities at a time when the entire industry was at a very nascent stage in India. 


Prabjot Budhraja, Fund Administrator

Prabjot Budhraja
Fund Administrator

A Corporate Lawyer & Company Secretary by qualification, Prabjot has experience in not just compliance but also in Investor relations management. She has worked with investment companies and has effectively handled and managed all compliances and compliance audits. Along with compliance, she has also managed investor relations and communications with all stake holders involved.

Prabjot’s skill set includes liaising with external regulators and advisors, monitoring and reporting of investments, advising over corporate law matters and preparation of transaction documents. She heads the operations back office for the Fund and Investment Manager.


Urvi Shrotriya, Associate - Investments

Urvi Shrotriya
Associate - Investments

Having summoned significant experience in Investment Banking advisory, Urvi has a strong grip over company valuation & techniques, which is complemented by her skills in financial modeling and, developing and studying investment proposals. A finance graduate, she continues with her academics along with her job and is a CFA Level 3 candidate.

Urvi has worked closely with start-ups to help them build & strategize their business plans. She has a keen interest in understanding the latest trends in the start-up ecosystem which contributes in strengthening her investment making expertise.

Karanbir Singh Bhatia, Associate - Partnerships

Karanbir Singh Bhatia
Associate - Partnerships

Karanbir has experience in a diverse set of domains, namely, financial restructuring, business advisory for early-stage companies, investment advisory and technology. During his previous roles, he has led various marketing and technology initiatives. He has been actively working with start-ups, assisting them with the development of roadmaps for different domains of their business, chiefly focusing on financial & marketing aspects with a strong attention on risk management. 

Karanbir is a graduate in engineering and is pursuing the CFA charter. As he says, meeting new people from different walks of life & cultures, and learning about their experiences, is an integral part of his personal and professional life. At work, his key areas of interest are strategic alliances and investor relations. 

Srishti Lakhotia, Associate - Portfolio Development

Srishti Lakhotia
Associate - Portfolio Development

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Srishti comes with the experience of Founding (Business Development) a Tech-Logistics Company. She has studied entrepreneurship at Upgrad, Mumbai and during her entrepreneurial stint, developed valuable managerial skills.

Srishti’s skill set include, strategic decision making, administrative and financial management skills. She has a keen interest in designing process flows and aims to assist in uplifting new age businesses which can contribute to the nation's economy and a better tomorrow.

Nishant Batra, Analyst-Research

Nishant Batra

Nishant has experience and in depth knowledge of the legal aspects surrounding investments. He also has a strong grip around the fundamentals that drive successful and large businesses, and,  understanding of various industry and organizational functioning. 

Nishant is an avid reader of books on psychology and likes to author articles on startups.  He is currently pursuing the CFA charter to continuously strengthen his business principles.  
Darshit Jain, Analyst-Research

Darshit Jain

Darshit comes from a blend of Science & Commerce academic background. He has previously worked with a tech focused venture fund and has been a part of textile business where he got a diverse exposure in product development, quality management and business development.

At Windrose, his primary responsibilities revolve around macro economic and sector research. He continues with his academics and is enrolled as a CFA Level 2 candidate.

Dev Shah, Analyst- Research

Dev Shah
Analyst- Research

Dev comes from an academic background in Commerce. He has previously worked with a tech focused consultancy firm where he got a diverse exposure in fund raising and contributed towards business acceleration & growth. He has a keen interest in exploring and understanding business models across contemporary and upcoming industries.

At Windrose Capital, he is a part of the Research & Analysis team, and, assists the management in driving investment decisions. He continues with his academic pursuits and is enrolled as a CFA Level 3 candidate.

Nidhi Parmar, Assistant Manager-Fund Operations

Nidhi Parmar
Assistant Manager-Fund Operations

Nidhi comes in with diverse experiences in Taxation, Accounting, HR and Organisational structuring.In her previous roles she has also managed corporate communications for a leading financial consultancy.With a profound interest in academics, she continues to pursue her CA.

She is an active member of various NGO's focused on wholesome development of underprivileged children, enabling them through focused educational programs and donation drives.At work, she focuses on process management & general operations.

Rajni Shinde, Operation Manager

Rajni Shinde
Operation Manager

Rajni comes in with a vast experience across industries and varying business domains. She has worked in the healthcare- pharmaceutical sector, operations, customer & end to end account management. Rajni has also explored her creative talents with a successful stint in graphics designing. She has supplemented her skill sets with experience in human resource management and quality control.

She is an active member of various NGO's focused on providing a quality and respectable life to neglected senior citizens at old age homes. She has a BA in sociology and at work, focuses on process management & general operations.