We are disciplined, thesis-driven investors with a deep-lens on sectors we understand and ideas that have a wide margin to succeed

About Us

Founded in 2013 by two Digital Natives who have been Founders themselves, Windrose Capital exists to support India’s Fast-transforming Economy through early and mid-stage investments in promising Start-ups.

We are active investors, thoughtful advisors, and dedicated problem-solvers with a passion for technology and a deep belief in the transformative power of Digital-first Businesses.

For Our Investors

We exist to create capital value by harnessing disruptive, efficiency-driven opportunities in the Indian Startup space.

The world, and Asia in particular, is on the cusp of an Information revolution. India is witnessing a tremendous opportunity to creating new value, as we can bypass the industrial economy to leap-frog into the Information Age.

Windrose helps you ride this wave. We exist to enable potential Indian Unicorns to arrive onto the global stage. Most importantly, we see that India will be a very different place, a decade from now, and we offer you the opportunity to co-create the economy of the future with us.

For Our Founders

In our experience of creating Startups we see that Founders rarely get an empathetic voice across the table and hence have to go through hula-hoops to answer concerns that are non-core to eventual outcomes and do not focus on value-creation as much as value-capture.

Windrose Capital allows you to focus on what you do best - go ahead and create value. We make the process of initial conversations through terms and legalities extremely simple and transparent, saving time and opportunity costs for you. We then back you through your start-up journey with our experience of creating and growing products (and services), markets and growth.

Along the way we also enable your company with crucial but non-core processes that help you avoid future trouble early. With us, capital commitments are the start to an iterative process of helping you succeed.

Meet the Team

Rohit Goyal , Managing Partner

Rohit Goyal
Managing Partner

Rohit has had entrepreneurial experience in Manufacturing & Technology. He has partnered & set-up companies in & outside India, with people from China, Sri Lanka, UK & Germany.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Electronics & Tele-Com.) & Masters in Management (Finance & Entrepreneurship) from CASS Business School, City University, London. He is also certified as an Associate Financial Planner (Investment Planning, Tax Planning & Estate Planning, Risk Management & Insurance Planning) by FPSB.

Chinmay Kulkarni, Investments

Chinmay Kulkarni

Chinmay Kulkarni is a Strategic Advisor to some of the worlds fastest growing organisations as well as an Investor. He leads the Investment team at Windrose. Prior to this, he spent a decade in the Silicon Valley and London as a Principal Consultant with the PwC & Tech Majors where he consulted on Strategy & Deals for Fortune 50 companies including American Express, Toyota, Barclay's and Heathrow Airport.

Chinmay has co-founded a startup and invested in and/or advised over 18 Startups, building mobile, eCommerce and SaaS businesses. He has been a member of the Google Alliance. He has helped Norton create its first cloud product that reached 400 million users, and won the Webby Award for Digital Products.

He understands the Post-Industrial Economy and the way it is shaping our present and future. Along with this, he is a keen student of Behavioural Finance, History, Economics & Philosophy. Chinmay splits time between London and Pune, where his family is based.


Prabjot Budhraja, Fund Administrator

Prabjot Budhraja
Fund Administrator

A Company Secretary by qualification, Prabjot has experience in not just compliance but also in Investor relations management. She has worked with investment companies and has effectively handled and managed all compliances and compliance audits. Along with compliance, she has also managed investor relations and communications with all stake holders involved.

Prabjot’s skill set includes liaising with external regulators and advisors, monitoring and reporting of investments, advising over corporate law matters and preparation of transaction documents. She heads the operations back office for the Fund and Investment Manager.