Early-Stage Investors and Advisors in Digitally Native Indian Startups to Enable Future

Why Windrose?

Traditionally, a Windrose was used as a navigation device by adventurous young sailors to guide through troubled waters. We've taken the liberty of borrowing more than just the name of the reliable device; we embody its spirit in everything that we do. Helping young ambitious founders navigate through their start-up journey is something we excel at.

We at Windrose Capital take pride in our ability to enable value creation in the Indian start-up ecosystem by harnessing disruptive efficiency-driven digital opportunities with a founder-first approach.

"We pride ourselves in being active investors, thoughtful advisors and dedicated problem-solvers with a passion for technology and a deep belief in the transformative power of digital-first businesses."

An investment from Windrose is about more than just our capital. We bring to the table our operational expertise, a focused group of hands-on entrepreneur advisors, and a supportive community. We commit the time and efforts to help entrepreneurs’ move faster, scale bigger, and enable value creation.

We're here to enable the future, with you.

Here are a few of our Portfolio Investments