We boast a diversified portfolio of best-in-class, high-growth, digitally native companies



Trezi is an immersive platform that dramatically transforms design collaboration for architects, designers, building product manufacturers and other stakeholders in the AEC industry by allowing them to work from remote locations in real- time and at full scale. Device-agnostic and VR-enabled, it facilitates virtual meetings, avatar-based teleportation, digital twin collaboration, and streamlined product discovery.

We met the founders of Trezi, Gautam and Tithi at their Pre-Series A round. Their commitment to empowering the AEC Industry by using new age tech through their domain expertise resonated with us and it aligned with our investment objective.



Legal Pay is India’s first tech-driven alternative investment platform specializing in legal & debt financing assets with a lucrative return for investors. They provide a non-recourse investment in commercial & legal claims by using technology for data-backed analysis for underwriting, documentation, tracking & status update with a user-friendly dashboard for lawyers & investors while operating on an asset-light model that standardizes the financing asset class for investors through Special Purpose Vehicles.

With Legal Pay's prior experience in founding a legal tech startup, marquee investors, and international veterans, it became an attractive investment choice for us. We see great potential and opportunity in the investment asset class the company is creating.


Rubick (by Text Mercato)

Rubick.ai, a eCommerce enablement platform that provides one-stop-solution for all digital content requirements. It caters to Product Information Management, Cataloguing Automation, Content and Pricing. A single platform to store, product listing, access product and marketing intelligence products.

With a 3rd time founder and 4C-level executives having combined experience of 100+ years. Being the market leader, they have helped 1000+ businesses, 100+ global clientele, 60+ Notable clients like Myntra, Amazon, Jockey, Decathlon, Nykaa, Meesho, Zivame.

Rubick’s commenced its journey as 'Text Mercato.’ We have been a part of the company’s growth journey for over 3 years now. We believe in the founders' vision, so we have also fueled their journey again with a follow-on investment. 




Nivesh is a Plug-n-Play solution for Distributos / Advisors of Financial Products. They have tapped the market of Mutual Funds, Insurance- Life, General & Health, Fixed Income- FDs, Bonds, P2P Lending. In FY 22-23, they crossed the milestone of INR 1000Cr AUM. 

We believe in Anurag's capability as the Founder and CEO of the company. He is a 3x founder, who led his previous successfully exited startup to be rated amongst the top 150 best websites in the world by Forbes.

We met Nivesh as a part of a syndicated deal and were happy to co-invest. We invested in Nivesh to enable them to bring on board the next wave of investors who would contribute to our economic growth story.




Biddano is a technology driven managed marketplace for pharmacies. That is accelerating the adoption rate and helping pharmacies to explore, procure and pay for the orders more seamlessly. They also have real time order tracking facility integrated their logistics platform.

We saw great potential in the Founder who is a second time Entrepreneur and is backed by experienced mentors who bring their valuable insights from their startup journeys in Healthcare and E-commerce. Addressing a challenge that goes beyond regional boundaries, Biddano targets to summon a substantial share in the nationwide healthcare market.

We backed Biddano at a young stage along with other Strategic Angel Investors  to support them expand rapidly into multiple new geographies.




Datachamps has ready-made workflows right from Data to Decisions. The company's services cater to the aspirations of founders, COOs, and CEOs alike, ensuring structured decision-making processes that drive profitability and operational excellence. Datachamps provides curated data connections, insightful reports, dynamic dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for select industries.

The founders of Datachamps possess extensive industry experience and a dedicated vision, which resonated with us and aligned perfectly with our investment objectives.



NimbleS2P is a leading procurement solution provider with a focus on connecting, automating, and maximizing procurement processes. They are at the forefront of innovation in the industry with their platform that simplifies supplier interactions, streamlines procurement through automation, and optimizes network potential. They excel in digitizing the entire Sourcing to Payment (S2P) process, delivering super visibility, and offering an auction platform with embedded finance capabilities.

Our journey with NimbleS2P began with the recognition of their tremendous potential. They had already secured marquee clients like DLF, Jindal Steel & Power, and Oberoi Reality amongst others, which is a testament to their innovative solutions and strong market presence.  



BusinessOnBot empowers D2C brands to effortlessly acquire new customers, sell products, retarget, and recover abandoned carts on WhatsApp and Instagram. Their chatbot solutions offer voice and text-based multilingual chat options, seamlessly integrated with CRM, analytics, and dashboards. With recommendation engines and marketing automation, they enhance user engagement, optimize workflows, and drive sales on WhatsApp, reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

The prospect of this collaboration is met with keen anticipation, underscoring our commitment to bringing forth our expertise and resources in bolstering Business on Bot's strategic vision. This investment is poised to contribute to their accelerated growth, playing an integral role in collectively shaping the trajectory of automated enterprise processes for the future.



Atmax is a compensation and incentive management solution which helps all sectors in maximizing revenue through sales performance management technology. It is a no code data- driven technology product simplifying Sales Performance Management (SPM) that provides 100% process automation, higher transparency and trust, and 5-10% higher target achievement. 

We backed Atmax at their Seed stage along with other institutional investors to support their growth journey.





The underserved market for healthcare financing in India is a huge opportunity & DigiSparsh is rightly placed with its digitized solution to offer time & end to end solutions for all financing needs of hospitals. It is India’s first & only player catering to all the segments of healthcare i.e patients, Hospitals & suppliers. 

We place our trust in Saurabh's persistence and market savvy, both of which we expect to be integral to the company's growth journey.

We met the DigiSparsh team as part of a syndicate deal & were happy to co-invest. The team has a wide range of experience in Supply-Chain Financing and Managing debt books.



Invento Makerspaces

Invento Makerspaces is spearheading the field of Robotics in India with multiple variants of its Humanoid Robot, 'Mitra', being used extensively by large brands to improve customer access, engagement and experience. Their new product line Visual IQ combines video intelligence (over CCTV or other camera) and language to turn your enterprises knowledge into something you can query like ChatGPT

The company was founded by Balaji Viswanathan in Bangalore along with 2 co-founders with extensive experience in robotics, consulting, R&D and management. We decided to back Invento and its founders in their initial round after looking at the potential value the company unleashes for its clients. 

The ‘Mitra 2’ was launched by PM Modi and Ivanka Trump at GES 2017 and the more advanced ‘Mitra 3’ was recently unveiled this year at the World renowned Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The robot is designed to interact with humans using facial and speech recognition contextual help and autonomous navigation. It is capable of seamless autonomous movement and obstacle detection along with speech synthesis.





Instoried is an augmented writing platform that improves customer interest and engagement. Their proprietary AI-driven tool enables optimizing emotions of the written content with smart recommendations in real-time. Good quality content with the correct empathy quotient is the need of the hour and that is exactly what Instoried focuses on. The platform helps content writers in e-commerce, news, FMCG, and other verticals to optimize emotions in their marketing content in order to strike a chord with their target audience. They recently launched an AI-Powered Video content accelerator which will assist in turning lengthy content into snappy, shareable, branded videos quickly and easily.

We saw great potential in Sharmin, as she led her team to greater heights. In line with our vision of supporting startups that can re-invent industries, Sharmin's Instoried proves to pave way for something big in the future.




AutoDukan is an Ecommerce Platform for all the Automobile accessories, OE spares, after-market spares and consumables for Independent Multiband Car Workshops, Detailing Centres, Washing Centres, Denting Painting Shops and retailers. AutoDukan is solving real problem of after sales automobile market by leveraging technology, warehouse and supply chain for B2B part trade by providing reach to the OEM/OES parts distributors, genuine parts at the right price in 1 day delivery to the multi-brand workshops.

We backed AutoDukan because of their unparalleled passion, innivative ideas and exceptional leadership skills. We are confident that they will continue to lead the company to even greater heights, and we are honored to be a part of their journey.



An NLP based Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform that solves data intelligence for knowledge and service businesses, rendering tailor-made solutions for audit, assurance and consulting businesses through contextual analysis. They make businesses upto 400% more efficient, thereby creating real value by freeing up the precious man-hours, aligning Precily with our investment rationale.

We met the young Precily team at the stage when they were already testing to materialize their product with one of the Big 4 which would fuel their rampant growth ahead. Since then, we have been guiding them to structure their business and prepare for the exponential growth ahead.


TwarIT Mobility

TwarIT EV is a technology-driven green transportation company. Their flagship solution is catalyzing mass EV adoption. It enables consumers to optimize their operations, choose their fleet size, and leverage the next-generation technology and analytics.

Twarit provides end-to-end infrastructure solutions that enable EV fleets with last-mile connectivity, and cargo while facilitating high-density mass deliveries using special EV application vehicles. Their platform spans across Public, Business, and Commercial needs.

Our decision to invest and associate with TwarIT was an outcome of our interest in the emerging EV space and a conscious move to be a part of the Green Mobility space.



As the supervised learning approach is predominant in AI, the need for labelled data has dramatically increased in order to remove the constraints when developing AI solutions. Companies moreover do not have a secure platform for data exchange and model creation.

Data Neuron is an advanced platform for complex data annotations, model training, prediction & lifecycle management which helps in accelerating and automate human-in-loop labelling for developing AI solutions.



They is a Pioneer in the micro UAV segment in India, and their first commercialized products, the NETRAv2 is an indigenously developed micro UAV extensively used by the armed forces in India.

ideaForge had its IPO listed on June 26th, 2023, and they are the first to receive subscriptions more than 106 times in the last 18 months. On 7th July 2023 Ideaforge got listed with 93% share listing gains.

This incredible achievement certifies ideaForge's ability to create value for its stakeholders.

We met Ankit Mehta, Rahul Singh, Vipul Joshi, and Ashish Bhat in their early product scale-up days in 2015, when they were looking for support to create a market for the NETRAv2. It was a marvellous experience to be a catalyst in the journey of these dynamic founders.




Favcy mends the broken digital journey of a User for a Brand by mapping, connecting and converting Brand’s Engagements to Commercial Transactions.

We saw Favcy with the potential to reduce the gap between a Company’s marketing message and its expected resultant customer behavior.

We invested in Favcy at a Market building stage and advised them through the process.




A proprietary deals engine and pipeline that allows you to scale by tracking and collating data from credible primary sources. It includes a commercial-grade BI suite that is increasingly sought out by news outlets. It is enabling the nascent start-up ecosystem in India to mature at a faster rate by providing contextually relevant insights and tools.

Being serial entrepreneurs, the founders brought in their experience of scaling up and monetizing the similar businesses. We invested in PaperVC in their Seed Stage when the company was gaining significant product visibility at top customer platforms.




Commshala is a Banking Academy focused on training the educated youth in the Tier II and Tier III cities by imparting them domain knowledge of the banking sector and making them employable.

We invested in Commshala at Seed Stage with a view to build a highly scalable model of employability training.


Supreme Transconcept

STCPL is dedicated to providing an innovative and smart solution for transit requirements by providing flexible, affordable & state-of-the-art transit solutions.

We invested in and advised MetroZip at a Product Seed Stage with a view to improve the product and gain market share.



1.1 Billion  Indians own a mobile phone. However, for them to access services on it, onboarding, language, data, discovery, and payments remain a challenge. Platify is solving this through a single-window app. It's is a mobile-first company, building an app that behaves like a platform, with deep commerce and location-aware services embedded or integrated.

We met Platify at a stage where their MVP was in place and their product maturity roadmap was solid. The need for localization and simplification of value delivery on a mobile platform forms the basis of our investment in Platify.


Bugscore 360

Bugscore 360 is a web-based software that allows a company's employees to score each other in real-time on tailored attributes unlike any other 360-degree-review tools and takes 90% less time to conduct.

We invested in the company at a Pre Series A stage and helped them set-up international operations.


Blue Sky Binary

Blue Sky Binary is a group of financial engineers, traders, and Blockchain enthusiasts with a mission to create a transparent, high educative and profitable, FX and Binary Options community.

We saw an immense potential in the team and in particular, their ability to clearly see through the clutter and have a very focused approach.