We invest in the creation of industries that are a beneficiary of demographic growth in consumption, and will help enable the future through emerging technology platforms

Our Vision

We believe in the re-invention of entire industries which are driven by the young population of India, a growing economy - who are reaching out to use more efficient digital-first products and services to fulfil their dreams.

The seismic nature of this shift is evident by the fact that current and to-come youth will touch these products and services as their first-interaction and therefore it will become the default mode for them.

Our Focus

Investing in and profiting from digital-first companies, that deliver to the emerging Indian Consumer and those that empower the Indian entrepreneur, through efficient enabling products and services, creating a bottom-up economy in the process.

Our understandings and experiences lead us to be particularly interested in 2 broad themes which are Financial Inclusion (including new FinTech products and distribution of existing products) and B2B Enterprise Tech (including Deep Tech. and Enterprise SAAS)

Looking at disruption as a side-effect of positive change. Which means we are on the look-out for businesses creating, delivering and capturing new paths to value in their customers’ world. We are not interested specifically in the disruption, but in its efficiency of value creation, distribution and capturing.

Our Approach

Looked at as a filter-funnel, our disciplined thesis-driven approach looks to invest in Indian Industry leaders in the making. The fundamental stages of our approach are:

  • Understanding Context Fit: We look at an investment idea early through the lens of its contextual fit to the Indian economy, where certain Structural Indicators and Economic Gaps represent opportunity, then on a societal fit basis, where Anchor Trends co-exist with Rapid Transformation and adoption, then on a Tech Context basis, where Core Tech Platforms enable rapid growth and Pockets of Opportunity emerge as a result.
  • Sectoral Advantage: We choose to focus on the opportunities we understand deeply in their transformative potential, whether through reducing complexity and rigidity of services, of building platform through scale. We then look at the market opportunities this potential creates and disruptive nature as an agent of change, not an indicator of success.
  • Enterprise Structure: We further only focus on businesses with core fundamentals that are aligned to our view of strong unit economic models, inter-linked customer value and monetization of it, and a defensible business with a structural moat. We invest in founding teams focused on executing to create this moat in the right market at the right time. And only when this is combined with businesses that can scale by a magnitude of 100x while delivering better value for customers with a long growth runway ahead of them.
  • Founding Teams: We are aware that success in startups is a combination of executing, pivoting, learning and executing again, and hence we are biased on execution. Our founders are disproportionately mission-driven in their work and can explain the “why” not just the “what” and “how” of their vision. Our Founding teams work well on a personal basis, not just an execution basis. We look for a solid Go-To-Market Strategy and Sales prowess along with Product Capabilities.

 Despite a methodical, and detailed approach at these four different levels, we would like to affirm that our governing principles to investing in start-ups remain simplicity and clarity.