Being founders ourselves, we aspire to build a founder-led India by backing entrepreneurs to define the new Indian economy and enabling them to create value

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We understand that fund raising can be quite an intimidating and time-consuming activity. We’d like you to focus on your Startup first, and hence have made the process simpler by answering frequent queries below and in an easy form.

  1. Who & How do I reach you if I don’t know you?
    We are all ears and would like to hear from you whether you know us or not. To apply for funding, this Application Form is the best and the fastest way to reach out to us. For any fund raising related queries you can reach out to pitch@windrose.capital and for anything else, feel free to drop an email on info@windrose.capital
  2. What information do you need from me?
    We’re very keen to know more about the founders. We would love to hear about their clarity on customers, markets, products and their business model. Our application form contains questions covering the mentioned aspects along with some basic company and financial information. We like to see the form fully filled up but in case a question doesn’t apply to your company or may not be well timed, you may put a simple “ - ” or “N.A.” in the space provided. There is also a provision for you to upload files (PDFs and Spreadsheets preferred) and also to provide additional information at the end.
  3. What are your terms?
    Our basic terms are mentioned in this brief Term Sheet.
  4. What will you do & What won’t you do in term of businesses that you invest in?
    As a seed fund, we are risk capital investors— investing in technical founders or founding teams, demonstrating an enduring will to bring interesting and innovative projects to life. We typically invest at a time when it is about more than just establishing product-market fit and building momentum for your next funding round.

    Concurrently, we are bullish on companies with proven unit economics - who have an unfair advantage to capture and dominate focused market segments rapidly & sequentially; who we believe have the potential for 100x growth; and who’s founders are capable to be the brains and hands behind these ideas that will shepherd it to success. We are carefully picking what we believe will create outstanding future value in new ways for the emerging world.

    Having said that, we refrain from investing in companies working on the old world principles of scarcity and are heavily dependent on assets (Asset Heavy) to churn value. We are hesitant to enter in companies in crowded markets with no apparent differentiation, or companies that are not likely to have exponential growth.
  5. When will I get a yes/no?
    We believe in providing clear and prompt response on whether or not your application “fits in”. If the response time taken is longer, then it’s most likely that we are conducting a more detailed review of your business and will be reaching out to you to either set-up a call or revert with a response

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